Awards and Accomplishments – FTC

12/16/2023 – FTC 17036 Audacious Autonomous Award @ Clearview Regional High School
12/2/2023 – VEX IQ Middle School @ VEXMEN Competition
Teamwork Champion &Judges Award
11/12/2022 – Southern League Meet at Howell High School

17036 Anomaly 4th place

14498 Warriors 8th place

11/27/2022 – Southern League Meet GSJS PAC

17036 Anomaly Highest Match Score by an Alliance

2nd place

14498 Warriors 3rd place


Dear Mr. Grater & Robotech team,
Thank you for teaching us about robotics. We had so much fun?

Pack 146, Wolf Den


Good morning! 

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything you all did to help Aiden. It all was very helpful and he feels so much better. I’m very happy that he’s able to get into a class with his age group too. Thank you for everything! 
Thank you



Dear John,

Thank you very much for your instruction and hard work. Dennis enjoyed being a member of your club and team. 

Appreciated! Thank you!


It was all possible because of your guidance and support.
Thanks for being a great instructor to Aarush.




Hi John
Just wanted to say Thanks Again for the RoboTech participation and support on Saturday.
The presentations were first class and so was the participation throughout the day.
Please pass along our kudos to all.

See you again, down the road.
Have a great week …. Vince



You, Bangs, & Robotech have been an integral part of Douglas’ life. We thank you for everything you have shared & taught him. You know, that the people around our children can have more of an impact than parents. We thank you. You have help to mold him into who he is today. We are very proud of him, but mostly happy for him for all of his accomplishments & his personality.

He loves Robotech and wants to still be involved. 

Thank you John.

Best wishes,

Sue & Greg



Dear Mr. Grater,

Thank you for a great season. We really appreciate all of your time and guidance for our children.


Robotech Parents



Our kids love spending their summer at Robotech- building Lego based robots, learning to code, and most importantly, learning to work well in a team environment!

Monica A



Dear Mr Grater

It’s very encouraging that team 14498 win the 8th place for their first time competition. As a witness through Saturday, I am very impressed by their efforts. Thank you for creating such positive environment for them to learn and explore.

All the best Katherine’s Mom

Chloe loves going! Thank you so much for all of you at Robotech! She has learned so much and has so much confidence! 


June 2024

Mr. Grater,

It was a great season!  Thank you for keeping the kids on track & motivated.  We appreciate you!

FTC Parents